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General Terms and Conditions of Sale


A rental accommodation or a pitch is rented nominatively and may not, under any circumstances, be sublet by the TENANT.
Anyone not declared on the seasonal rental contract will be considered a visitor and may be denied access to the campsite or may be subject to additional billing.
Any unaccompanied minor will not be admitted to the CAMPSITE.
The setup must be done at the location indicated by the CAMPSITE management.
The TENANT has read the internal regulations and undertakes to respect them throughout the stay.


Arrivals are between 4 pm and 6 pm in low season and between 4 pm and 7 pm in high season. In case of late arrival, it is imperative to inform the campsite reception. Rentals are kept for 24 hours after the scheduled arrival date. After this period, they cease to be reserved, and the full cost of the stay will be retained from the TENANT. Departures are scheduled between 8 am and 10 am for rental accommodations and before 12 pm for bare pitches. Any day started is due and incurs payment for the full day. Pitches and rental accommodations are assigned by the CAMPING based on availability, in order to optimize schedules. This assignment may be modified at any time before the effective handing over of keys. Only the location, dates, and type of accommodation are guaranteed.


The reservation becomes effective only after receipt of the deposit. The full amount of the stay must be paid no later than one month before your arrival. No reduction will be granted in case of delayed arrival or early departure. In the absence of payment within the specified deadlines, the TENANT’s reservation will be automatically canceled, and the full amount of the stay will remain due.


As a rental accommodation, the price of the stay includes electricity, water, and gas charges, provided that their use is within reasonable limits. The recharging of an electric car is strictly prohibited due to the associated fire risks. The tourist tax and recycling fee are additional.


It is the responsibility of the TENANT to inform the CAMPSITE by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the address of the CAMPSITE or by sending an email to the CAMPSITE’s contact address. The date of receipt of the cancellation will determine the cancellation fees.
In case of cancellation at the initiative of the TENANT, the latter will remain liable to the CAMPSITE for:
– administrative fees and fees for the cancellation insurance as compensation for the termination of the Rental Contract
– an amount equal to 30% of the total cost of the stay if the TENANT cancels more than 30 days before the scheduled arrival date
– an amount equal to the total cost of the stay if the TENANT cancels less than 30 days before the scheduled arrival date.


The TENANT is informed that, in accordance with Article L.121-20-4 of the Consumer Code, the sale of scheduled or periodic accommodation services is not subject to the provisions relating to the withdrawal period applicable to distance selling. No right of withdrawal applies to stays sold by the CAMPSITE.


To cope with unforeseen events, we offer you the option to take out a cancellation option during your reservation process. This is an optional package, the variable amount of which is calculated based on 4.50% of the total amount of your stay.

This guarantee ensures the refund of the amounts paid (excluding booking fees and cancellation insurance) for your rental (subject to presentation of supporting documents) in the cases mentioned below:
– Serious bodily injury, serious illness, hospitalization, or death of the insured (reservor), their spouse, or the persons designated in the rental contract, their direct ancestors, or descendants*;
– Serious damage, not realized at the time of subscription of the contract, due to theft, fire, or natural elements affecting the main or secondary residence of the reservor and requiring their presence on the day of departure;
– Prevented from taking possession of the rented premises due to the economic layoff of the reservor or their spouse, transfer of the reservor or their spouse, provided that the employer’s notification is post-dated to the effective date of coverage;
– Following a state of natural disasters according to the law of 07/13/1972 or forest fires occurring on the premises of the stay and leading to either the prohibition of the stay, on-site, by the competent authorities for all or part of the rental period, or by a degradation of the rented premises and the site such that it does not allow the tenant to enjoy normally the environment and services that motivated their rental.

Any request for cancellation of your stay must be sent to us by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 48 hours following the event motivating it, only the date of the triggering event being taken into account**.

* By serious illness, it is understood a health impairment attested by a notoriously competent medical authority, prohibiting leaving the room and implying the cessation of any professional or other activity. By serious accident, it is understood a non-intentional bodily injury on the part of the victim, resulting from the sudden action of an external cause and preventing any movement by their own means.

** Any started stay is due in full. No reduction will be granted in case of delayed arrival or early departure. The cancellation guarantee without interruption ceases its effects from the beginning of the rental and cannot intervene if one of the elements listed above occurs during the stay.


The CAMPSITE must provide the accommodation in accordance with the descriptive state and in good hygienic and clean condition. The TENANT must return it in the same condition.

Each accommodation is equipped with dishes, indoor and outdoor furniture, bedding excluding sheets and linens; some are equipped with a television. It is agreed that an inventory and a state of play (furniture, kitchen equipment, and utensils) will be carried out upon entry and departure of the TENANT. The TENANT must report any anomaly to the campsite the next morning.


A security deposit intended to cover defects in cleanliness, damage, or degradation caused to rented objects and places as well as various charges and possible consumptions is provided. The security deposit is set at 80 euros.

It is paid when the keys are handed over, after an inventory of the state of play, and will be refunded in case of departure during business hours at the end of the stay, in case of departure outside business hours within a week, subject to any deductions for possible damages assessed for replacement at the market price for new equipment, or a sum of 80 euros in case of non-performed cleaning.

If the amount of the damages is higher than the security deposit, the TENANT will be liable to the CAMPSITE for the additional amount necessary for the replacement of the various damaged materials.


The responsibility of the CAMPSITE is not engaged in case of theft, loss, or damage of any kind during the stay.

The TENANT must prove upon request of the LANDLORD that their multi-risk home insurance is up to date with the payment of premiums and includes a travel vacation clause covering the risks of ‘fire and water damage’, for which they could be held responsible. If this is not the case, the TENANT can request either an extension from their insurer or specific insurance for the duration of the stay.