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The Ochre Massif: a Landscape Bursting with Colors

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The Ochre Massif: a Landscape Bursting with Colors

The Luberon has the incredible fortune of hosting sumptuous colorful landscapes. Original enough to be noticed from afar, these ochre cliffs typical of the Luberon Natural Park are the result of geological formations that have been transformed over time by erosion and industrial activity.
Indeed, ochre plays a significant role in the region’s industry and is intimately linked to the history of Apt.

Several tourist sites allow you to become an expert on this pigment, from its extraction in mines to its various uses in our daily lives. And, of course, in addition to the cultural experience, the change of scenery will be total, and you will have the chance to admire breathtaking landscapes!

Ready for a journey into the unknown?

1/ To Marvel At

Two exceptional natural sites are accessible to the general public, promising total immersion in the midst of ochre cliffs:

The Colorado Provençal: Located in the town of Rustrel, these former open-air ochre quarries resemble canyons. Two routes are offered, an easy 30-minute route and a longer 2-hour route that takes you around the site. Here, you will appreciate an impressive palette of natural colors, from very light yellow to vibrant orange.

🚗: 15 minutes by car from the campsite
❕ Paid parking – Reservation required here

The Ochre Path: Starting from the village of Roussillon, the Ochre Path is a bit less “wild” than the Colorado Provençal, but the 30 or 50-minute visit is worth experiencing! The landscapes are spectacular, and you’ll leave here with stars in your eyes!

🚗: 15 minutes by car from the campsite
❕ Admission fee – No reservation required

2/ To Understand Everything

Did these visits pique your curiosity? Don’t hesitate to visit the Ochre Museum in Roussillon. The guided tour is very playful; you will relive the history of a factory worker and discover the machines and techniques used. You will also become an expert on the use of ochre pigments in art and can express your talent and unleash your inner artist during small workshops.

🚗: 15 minutes by car from the campsite
❕ Admission fee – No reservation required

3/ To Play the Adventurer

Visit old ochre galleries and step into the shoes of a miner from the past during the tour. The guide will take you through the galleries and transport you into the past with numerous anecdotes.
Put on your helmets and follow the guide into the mine!

📍 Mines de Bruoux – Gargas
🚗: 10 minutes by car from the campsite
❕ Admission fee – Reservation required